Music and writing was always a creative outlet that she utilized to voice her pain and release her subconscious thoughts. Through pain and love they found each other and began finding their individual purposes. As Ÿusuf evolved from identifying as NoName, Stussy Caution, Odysseus, until finaly evolving to Deadman Cyph she was there from the beginning to the present. Through the trials and tribulations of different management, producers and brand associates; over time she was able to develop an ear for music as well as thinking and operating in strategic ways that would indefinitely protect the brand.
Harmony invested in the securing and promoting of earlier live venues shows for ‘Manifest Destiny” and radio personnel, that helped spread the name of his original collective; as well as help bridge a connection with R.I.P Kult and local upcoming music scene . Offering her opinion as well as ideas to different projects in the form of album artwork, video treatments and merchandise over time she developed a strong skill for “detailing” and “presentation” . Developing the incoded official lanaguage of ᴚ.𝔦.ᴘ with Yusuf Ultra .
To name a few that inspired her were the likes of Erykah Badu, Isley Brothers, Anita Baker, Common, Pete Rock and Maze and Franky Beverly. Music influenced and moved her, when she had nothing else she had a paper and pen. Her purpose is to share with you her growth and understanding of the world on a spiritual basis. She wants to connect with you through her art that she creates in many forms whether that is her creative direction, poetry, music, clothing and products that she releases; everything has a purpose and intention… that is to help you find balance within yourself.