Producer & SFV

Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Kiernan Neill (KL0NE", although having a strong passion for"music, he didnt begin his journey as a producer until 2017, when he was mentored by WITS. after being showed the foundations, he has honed his craft until he was signed by R.I.P in 2020. His tracks are best described as emotionally charged, yet energetic.His influences can be traced to classic acts like Wu Tang Clan , Tribe Called Quest , ThreeSixMafia , and Nas , all the way to Yung Lean, Denzel Curry, Bones, and most of the early Soundcloud era. As far as producers go, he draws from DJ Screw, The Alchemist, Flying Lotus, RonnyJ, and the Working on Dying collective.Hence the name "KL0NE" he strives to bring all his influences together and create something entirely new from multiple sources, and that we are all "KL0NES" in our own right, because we all draw ideas from someone/something that inspires us