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WE ARE NOT LIKE OTHER ARTISTS , CREATORS , AND BUSINESS LOOKING TO PROFIT OFF OUR FANS ONLY FOR OUR OWN SELF GAIN AND DESIRES . WE ARE ONE WITH THE PEOPLE , FOR THE PEOPLE AND WANT TO FLIP THE PYRAMID. POWER 2 THE PEOPLE !KULT INFLUENCER'S is our IN-HOUSE based affiliate program designed to reward our fans / supporters with REAL MONTHLY INCOME for promoting our platform !This is a great way to make side income (or even full-time income if you have a large enough network / sales skills)!  We don't follow traditional ways of marketing. And we do not want to disrupt the creative process by making our artists become gimmicks on social media.  So we are putting the power into our fans hands WHILE we put money into their pockets.The goal of the KULT Influencer is to get as many people to the site as possible - the more people the bigger the payout.Memes, review videos or any type of additional marketing is encouraged to get customers your link. Each Affiliate gets there own custom link to use to keep track there own customers and will receive a 15% monthly commission of each new user they get to sign up for paid subscriptions and 15% of a referred customer’s first on site purchase (non-subscription).Income potential is unlimited as you earn better commission rates based on sales history and progress. Top Earners have potential to grow with company longterm !Each affiliate will be given access to monthly access updated custom promo / marketing graphics Free project of your choice with NFT authentication Free KLK T Shirt & Mystery BAG [ AFTER 3 Months of improved sales history] 3 Months of $150+ sales each month will receive a $300 advance Free R.I.P Kult Service subscription when you reach $300 monthly sales  Shoutout via out Instagram @RIP.KULTTO BECOME A OFFICIAL KULT iNFLUENCERS 1) Follow @RIP.KULT via Instagram <https://www.instagram.com/RIP.KULT/> 2) Make a free account via our website <https://www.ripkult.com/account/register> 3) Join our Affiliate Telegram : https://t.me/ripkult and follow instruction listed in the description *Checks are paid Monthly with option for bi weekly / weekly AFTER certain customer thresholds are met by affiliate .[SEE TERM &AGREEMENTS]JOiN THE KULT EVOLVE TOGETHER .