Angeaseus, a deep thinker and creative soul, was born to parents Angelo and Jeanine, who provided him with a nurturing middle-class home that served as the foundation for his growth. Grateful for the love and support of his family and friends, Angeaseus realized that this love empowered him to think independently and express himself authentically.

For Angeaseus, respect is paramount in life, transcending mere humility. He believes that individuals should be unrestrained in their pursuit of truth and self-expression. At his core, Angeaseus is a conduit for giving and receiving, understanding the cyclical nature of human connection and the positive energies that bind us to our planet.

Recognizing the divine within each sentient being is central to Angeaseus' mission of spreading love and unity across the cosmos. He embraces all with open arms, without prejudice, and refuses to stifle the fiery passions that fuel personal growth.

Angeaseus is dedicated to inspiring creativity and fostering a culture of respect for all forms of expression. His ultimate goal is to dismantle the barriers of disrespect that have been embedded in sentient beings since creation. Angeaseus believes that the future lies in the hands of the next generation, nurtured by love and empowered by trust.

Embodying the mantra, "Vive Deo et Vives," Angeaseus sees the eternal blessings in life, appreciating the presence of every individual as a gift to the world.