INVENTOR OF  И E 0 ☥ U L ₮ ꓤ Д

Founder , Muti Artist & CTO

Born in Long Island, NY, Yusuf Ultra Samsara embarked on a journey of spiritual exploration and self-discovery, overcoming depression and Nyctophobia along the way. Finding solace in poetry and songwriting, he honed his skills in freestyling through "cyphs," eventually transforming from "DEADMAN CYPH" into the enigmatic Ÿд$цke UL☥RA".This metamorphosis reflects Yusuf's spiritual growth and his pursuit of enlightenment, drawing from the diverse influences of his Long Island upbringing to create a unique narrative and unapologetically blunt mannerisms in his work. At the age of 23, Yusuf underwent a profound transformation that aligned with his spiritual development. He merged the concepts of Perfected Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, embodying the fusion of inner power and self-awareness. This led to the creation of Neo Ultra, a pioneering 5D genre that seamlessly intertwines science, futurism, art, and spirituality.Neo Ultra, the first invention from R.I.P Kult, represents a revolutionary fusion of disciplines, transcending the boundaries of conventional creativity and imagination. It invites audiences to experience a world where cutting-edge scientific discoveries coexist with artistic expressions, all grounded in a deep understanding of spirituality and the human experience. Connect with Yusuf Ultra Samsara to delve into the captivating realm of Neo Ultra, and witness the awe-inspiring evolution of an unstoppable creative force at the intersection of science, art, and spirituality.