SEO Specialist & Digital Marketer 

Kult Traveler, also known as Sowrov, was born and raised in Bangladesh. From a young age, he struggled to make ends meet and faced many challenges that made him question his purpose in life. But in 2020, his life took a drastic turn when he met Yusuf through an online marketplace.Yusuf recognized Sowrov's potential and offered him a job as a digital marketer. With his skills in content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, communication, SEM, content creation, GMB, Google AdWords, ad running, analytics, and webmaster, Sowrov was able to excel in his new career.But Sowrov had a deeper calling. He knew that many people in his community were in need of help, and he wanted to make a difference in their lives. He believed in the importance of showing kindness, loyalty, respect, creativity, courage, compassion, joy, justice, hope, love, and taking responsibility for one's own faults.With this in mind, Sowrov decided to become a Kult Traveler. He wanted to travel the world and help people in need, starting with his own community. He founded the Kult Traveler Foundation, which aimed to create a sense of community and provide assistance to those who needed it most.Sowrov knew that being a traveler and a digital marketer gave him a unique advantage. He could use his skills to promote R.I.P Kult & his foundation through the communities and spread the word about the good work they were doing.