Songwriter & Recording Artist

Philo$oul, a talented hip-hop artist from Brentwood, New York, combines the essence of various eras of hip-hop, from old school to new school, in his unique sound. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like ATCQ, Mac Miller, K.Dot, Guru, Nas, Capital Steez, and James Brown, Philo$oul has established himself as a true student of the game with a deep respect for music.

With a decade of experience in the music industry, Philo$oul's artistic journey began in 2013. He faced significant challenges early in life, including the loss of his mother in 2011, but found solace in skateboarding and music. His brother Fuego, an engineer, played a pivotal role in Philo$oul's career by teaching him essential skills such as counting bars, creating hooks, and crafting songs.

Philo$oul's discography includes several notable projects, such as his debut mixtape "MF SOUL" (2017), a group album "4TC" (2016) with Deadman CYPH, and a 5-track EP "Smooth Beats & Good Vibes" (2013). He has performed extensively across New York City, Long Island, and Colorado, captivating audiences with his distinctive voice, lyrics, and soulful performances.

As he looks to the future, Philo$oul plans to continue releasing art, growing his fanbase, making smart investments, and evolving as an artist, staying true to his passion for music and the philosophy of the soul that defines his identity.