In a world where we survive by the exchanging of goods and recourses for services and time or either vice verse, the greatest havoc has been the daily undervaluing and overvaluing of these sold goods that are everywhere and abundant in the value of creator themselves .

We’ve made a vow to be the solution . 

We aren't another entity promising to do it better , but a unity confirming to do it differently.

We believe doing it better is only improving someone else's idea , so we need create our own . We're not selling music or a product, but more-so knowledge and evolution , because change is the only thing that can really impact . By making the consumer and product one unity .

We’ve turned an accessory to a fundamental part of growth. 

Inspired by Hip Hop to a form whole new genre ,

И E 0 ☥ U L ₮ ꓤ Д and expanding art in ALL its forms to HIGHEST heights .