“Staying whole in a system built on corruption, without selling yourself”

(Whole In The System), or Tyler Jones, the youngest of two, born into a struggling, lower-middle class, interracial family by his mother (Dianne Jones) and father (Carl Jones), is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised on Long Island, New York. Open and fully vulnerable to self-doubt & insecurity while simultaneously having his “essence” being drawn to all things one might consider to be sacred, or supernaturally patterned. Thus, his suffering and happiness, the true-duality of life. Starting early as child with a talent/love for words at the age of 5, taking inspiration fully from the legendary and cultural Hip-Hop icons and iconic groups that had already fully transcended. (Nas, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Mobb Deep, Biggie, Pac, etc.) Later developing into a processor or antenna for sound, after experimenting and soaking up knowledge from practice band instruments such as the clarinet, as well as digitally introduced, more experimental, sonics. W.I.T.S is always in an attempt to display the clear, passionate drive he’s built within himself in order to use art, as well as his own educational and spiritual journey, to break down history's linear paradigm, shifting us into a new chapter of societal life. In order to accomplish this, the instrumentals/production (being majorly self-produced/engineered) are addemently and viciously met in harmony with raw, broadly compellingly, vulnerable and introspective lyricism.
Paving crystal clear sonic pathways through the wilderness of materialized imagination.
—As ego melts away, intention and humility must remain. The goal is to remain, and to allow ‘all” to grow together as “one”.