INVENTOR OF  И E 0 ☥ U L ₮ ꓤ Д

Born in Long Island, NY, Yusuf Ultra Samsara , born as “Yusuf Cotton / formally known as Yusuf Samsara was raised a dual religious household, Islam & Christianity,. Yusuf life was guided by strict morals and codes that he found himself questioning and asking . Early on he suffered from heavy depression on his journey of finding a purposed enforced by the conditions of his environment & Nyctophobia, Yusuf started to getting into poetry and songwriting early and perfecting the craft of freestyling through the technique known as “cyphs”, which he was known to “poetically kill” hence his former name, “DEADMAN CYPH” was created to free himself from his former "chains". Deadman CYPH is known for his blue/ purple hair in reference to “King Zeno.A self described “omnists ”,Ÿд$цke UL☥RA",  draws his unapologetically blunt mannerisms and inimitable narrative from the diversity of his environment, Long Island.  Ÿд$цke UL☥RA" transformation and evolution from Deadman CYPH at the age of 23 years old by combing the Perfected Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego To create the first invention from R.I.P Kult called , Neo Ultra a new 5D genre thats taps into unlimited futuristic innovation at will. During his transformation he is seen with blonde or black hair . With a evolving physical transformation in appearance yet to be seen. Ultra music is noticeably more experiential then his hip hop inspired sound with a more positive  and outlook . Yusuf is able to tap into his alter ego in a spiritual way to give a truly unique artistic experience . He started the collective Manifest Destiny in 2016 and evolved it R.I.P Kult as real entity in 2020. Yusuf Samsara created R.I.P Kult KORP to restore balance within the world.