As a seasoned professional in the field of videography, I bring a wealth of experience and skills to every project I undertake. With a proven track record of executing 8-10 successful video shoot projects, I excel in interfacing with clients and capturing remarkable angles for shoots.

My expertise extends beyond capturing footage; I possess proficient editing skills and have a command over Adobe Software and CapCut on iPad, enabling me to deliver seamless transitions and create engaging 3-5 minute behind-the-scenes vlogs as well as full music videos based on your project.

In addition to my technical abilities, I am well-equipped to enhance the production quality through my knowledge of lighting techniques and the provision of microphone assets, ensuring clear audio in behind-the-scenes vlogs.

Key Skills:

  • Videography: Proficient in capturing high-quality footage and establishing great angles for shoots.
  • Directing: Skilled in guiding talent and bringing creative vision to life.
  • Lighting: Knowledgeable in utilizing lighting techniques to enhance visual aesthetics.
  • Camera Operation: Experienced in operating a variety of cameras to achieve desired shots.
  • Adobe Cinema & CapCut (on iPad): Proficient in utilizing Adobe Software and CapCut on iPad for seamless editing and post-production.

Professional Work: You can find a showcase of my work on my Instagram page, shotitproductions_.