In the world of music management, Robert X Perez, known by the moniker CHIPS, emerges as a the all in one package. Hailing from the bustling borough of the Bronx, his earliest encounter with music traces back to DMX, an influence that left an indelible mark on his musical journey. In his youth he immersed himself in the beats of "It's Dark and Hell Is Hot," relentlessly learning every lyric while commuting between school and home, courtesy of a walkman and a collection of bootleg CDs thoughtfully provided by his parents.

Robert's foray into artist management materialized during the summer of 2020 in Los Angeles, where a close friend recognized the exceptional connection he forged with artists and suggested he explore this domain further. The notion struck a chord, and later that year, he returned to LA with an artist under his wing, embarking on a new path.

A visionary at heart, Robert's strengths lie in securing media exposure, organizing shows, fostering artist development, and providing creative direction. As an artist manager, he has had the privilege of working with extraordinary talents, nurturing their growth, and guiding them towards monumental achievements.

Among the artists under his expert guidance is Kevin Powers, a truly gifted individual with a staggering 500k monthly listeners on Spotify and over 7 million streams across various platforms. As Kevin's personal A&R and road manager, Robert's unwavering support and close friendship enhance the creative journey they share.

Another artist benefiting from Robert's keen management acumen is $ledge, who has been under his wing for the past year. Securing media opportunities, directing captivating music videos, facilitating artist development, organizing shows, and nurturing audience growth are just a few aspects of the comprehensive support Robert provides.